Corporate Profile

Zhihu Inc. (NYSE:ZH) is an iconic online content community with a mission to empower people to share knowledge, experience, and insights, and to find their own answers. On Zhihu, users explore and enjoy a variety of content from daily lifestyle and entertainment topics to sophisticated knowledge and experience, and to preparation for life events and decisions. Since its inception, Zhihu has worked relentlessly to develop itself into a trustworthy content community. By promoting a culture of sincerity, expertise, and respect (认真、专业、友善 ) developed through years of cultivation, Zhihu fosters a vibrant online community where users contribute and engage while respecting diversity and valuing constructiveness.


We started Zhihu as a Q&A-focused online content community a decade ago. Today, Zhihu is the largest Q&A-inspired online community and one of the top five comprehensive online content communities in China, both in terms of average mobile MAUs and revenue in 2020, according to China Insights Consultancy, an independent research firm. We have amassed a large, vibrant, and loyal user base with our attractive content, and are constantly improving our content offerings to enhance user experience. Meanwhile, the superior technology infrastructure we have developed, together with the massive amount of data accumulated over the years, gives us unparalleled insights to better manage our content and our community, as well as to better identify user demand.


We are content-obsessed. We have become a content powerhouse where original ideas serve as the source material for comprehensive content creation in the Chinese internet world. We encourage our users to become content creators, and provide multiple channels for our content creators to monetize their contribution in our community. Our users and content creators continuously nurture our community and unique content ecosystem; while our ecosystem reinforces our culture and upholds our values. In turn, our culture and values attract and retain more users and content creators. This virtuous cycle allows us to amass the collective intelligence of tens of millions of users and content creators, leading to a “wisdom of the crowd” that delivers a fulfilling Zhihu experience. As of December 31, 2020, we had accumulated 315.3 million questions and answers contributed by our 43.1 million content creators. Our average MAUs increased by 33.0% from 56.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2019 to 75.7 million in the fourth quarter of 2020.


We monetize through online advertising, paid membership, content-commerce solutions, and other services such as online education and e-commerce related services. Through our content-centric monetization approach, we create commercial content that are natural extensions and valuable supplements to our content library, collectively contributing to the quality and credibility of our content.